Updates & Reminders

Scrutineering and Registration Time Slot Reservation
– Please remember that all pilots must book a slot for scrutineering in advance. Time slots can be reserved on the competition website using a password received during submission of entry form.
– Time slots for registrations are optional but encouraged. Team captains can come for registration at any time.

Personal and Glider Documents Uploads
– Please use the entry form to upload your documents ahead of registrations as this will significantly speed up the process. We will be reviewing uploaded documents beginning July 22.

Arrival in Tábor
– Please follow route in Selfbreifing for arrival with trailers and caravans. Each country will have allocated space in camp and for glider tie-down. Please ensure accommodation information is accurate in order to be allocated enough space. Spaces will be physically allocated on July 21.

Selfbriefing is now published. Please familiarise yourself with it before arrival.

Version 2.0 of Local Procedures has been published. The new version includes up-to-date wording of IGC Bureau decisions and minor corrections. All changes are marked.

Airspace and turnpoints files are now available for download from Soaringspot. Airspace V2 is valid.