Latest Updates & Instructions

Tie-down Area Map
Please in Documents the map of the tie-down area. Each country has been allocated a designated space based on the number of gliders. The tie-down area will be mowed just before the training begins, so if you plan to arrive before 27/7 please contact Jiří Lískovec at +420 739 275 570 upon arrival for instructions where to park.

Campsite Map
In Documents is a map of the campsite with suggested space for each country. The indicated location of each country is approximate. The campsite is large enough to fit everyone comfortably.

Official WhatsApp Group Chat
Invite to the official group chat has been sent via email to all competitors and team captains.
Team Captains will also be given access to a separate WhatsApp group. All communications towards the Organisers should be done through the Team Captain’s group including outlanding reporting. Please make sure that all team captains have registered using the entry form on competition website.

Frequency Allocation List
In Documents, you can find a list of allocated frequency for each nation and the competition and safety frequency.

Selfbriefing and Local Procedures Updates
New version of Selfbriefing and Local Procedures has been published. It includes minor changes, mainly the new frequencies, updated grid map and email for igc file submission.

Scrutineering and Registrations
Please remember to reserve a slot for scrutineering and registration. Please make sure to upload all documents before registration. Team captains are invited to register from 28/7 as soon as they arrive.

Launch Fees Prepayment
Please remember that 10 launches will need to be paid in advance during registration. This can be done by bank transfer beforehand or by card during registration.

We are looking to welcoming you all in Tábor very soon!

Updates & Reminders

Scrutineering and Registration Time Slot Reservation
– Please remember that all pilots must book a slot for scrutineering in advance. Time slots can be reserved on the competition website using a password received during submission of entry form.
– Time slots for registrations are optional but encouraged. Team captains can come for registration at any time.

Personal and Glider Documents Uploads
– Please use the entry form to upload your documents ahead of registrations as this will significantly speed up the process. We will be reviewing uploaded documents beginning July 22.

Arrival in Tábor
– Please follow route in Selfbreifing for arrival with trailers and caravans. Each country will have allocated space in camp and for glider tie-down. Please ensure accommodation information is accurate in order to be allocated enough space. Spaces will be physically allocated on July 21.

Selfbriefing is now published. Please familiarise yourself with it before arrival.

Version 2.0 of Local Procedures has been published. The new version includes up-to-date wording of IGC Bureau decisions and minor corrections. All changes are marked.

Airspace and turnpoints files are now available for download from Soaringspot. Airspace V2 is valid.

No EV charging possible at the airfield

Due to limitations of the electrical supply to the airfield it will not be possible to charge electric vehicles on site.

There are numerous chargers nearby including in the shopping zone just by the airfield. We recommend using Chargemap to find the stations but registering/paying directly with the charging station provider to get the best price.

AS 33 15m / Discus 2ax / LS8-tc For Rent

AS 33 15m is available to rent for the duration of the Championships for 5000 EUR (278 EUR/day).

Discus 2ax is available for rent for 3600 EUR (200 EUR/day).

LS8-tc (with engine) is available for rent for 170 EUR/day.

If interested please contact us at and we will forward you the contact details of the respective owner.

Updated Payment Information – New Version of Bulletin No. 2

A new version of Bulletin No. 2 has been published. Following clarification from the IGC, the payment of the pilot sanction fee is no longer required. If it has been paid already, all the money paid extra will be credited towards launch and accommodation fees. Please get in touch in case of any questions.

A charge of 35 EUR will be added to the balance of each pilot to cover the increase in the IGC sanction
fee. This payment is not required now and will be charged at the end of the competition

Payment Information and Local Procedures Published

Bulletin No. 2 with payment information has now been published in the Document section. Please note the separate payment of the Entry Fee and the Pilot Fee. If required, please contact us for clarification, invoices or individual requirements. The deadline for payment is March 31st.

Local Procedures have also been published in the Documents alongside an updated version of an updated version of Bulletin No. 1.

Individual Entries Now Open

The entry form is now open for pilots and team captains to register individually. All pilots need to complete the form irrespective of NAC nomination. Entries will close on 31st March 2024. This is also the deadline for entry fee payment and submission of NAC Nomination Forms. Payment details will be published soon in Bulletin No. 2.

After registering each pilot will receive a password that can be used to log back in on the Entry Form and upload personal and glider documents. This will be required from all pilots to speed up the registration process. In case of any problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact us at

Welcome to EGC 2024 website

Welcome to the official website for the 24nd FAI European Gliding Championships.

The first bulletin has now been published alongside the NAC nomination form and invitation letter. All the documents are availabe here.

All NACs wishing to send pilots to the championships must fill out and send this form to the official email address before January 31st 2024.